JOSEPHINE NICANDER is a swedish illustrator/designer based in Stockholm/Mallorca. She was born in Lund and moved to Stockholm to study graphic design. After working some years in the advertising agency she decided to study some more at Konstfack and started working as an Art teacher. Today she works part time as an art teacher at the swedish school in Mallorca. In the meantime she focuses on her own company called Hillyform. She likes to draw details, textures and patterns with ink and often colour the paintings in the computer. She often uses the nature and fairytales as her inspiration.

Josephine Nicander is the illustrator and designer who manages to combine her peculiar fantasy figures in both textile arts and ceramics. The inspiration seems to be a mixture of memories from her diving experience in both Swedish and international waters, and of course one can also imagine influences from the Japanese culture.The colors and shapes is very playful and aerial.

In her production, one finds everything from "re-make" dinner sets, trays, tea towels,baby clothes and thrown utensils with thought-provoking message from small figures burnt in the glaze.

Her works is shown in Scandinavian Design House and the Future Perfect in New York. But also on childrens clothes for Blingo in Sweden.

2011 Furniture Fair -Design Boom New York
2011 Furniture Fair -Design Boom Stockholm
2009 Art-exhibition, Korcula, Croatia
2006 Group Exhibition – the future wallpaper, Kulturhuset, Stockholm
1999 Art exhibition, Anguilla, Caribbean
1997 Art exhibition, Art Gallery Big Bear, Lund, Sweden
1996 Art exhibition Kristiansand Fort, Norway